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Original Fables

The streetwear landscape is more powerful than ever. It influences the masses not only by it’s visual appeal, but by identifying its roots through music, diversity, lifestyle and culture. What was once considered a singular movement, the streetwear phenomenon has spread its wings throughout all genres in fashion. Sky’s the limit from here...

The art of storytelling - this is the foundation which birthed Original Fables. The ability to showcase our thoughts and perceptions through our own creative measures is what fuels the daily strive. We’re constantly connected in an infinite chain of information where you can take a simple idea and make it something grand and inspiring. To be limitless - that’s the end goal.

  • Everything has a purpose. Nothing is meaningless.

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The majority of cotton fibers used in high-street clothing are short or medium in length. Expensive designer labels occasionally employ premium cotton like ELS for clothes like T-Shirts, but this isn't always the case – a higher price tag doesn't always imply a higher quality cotton.


When it comes to apparel, though, cotton variants are not created equal. Cotton's quality is mostly determined by the length of its fibers (or staple). Cotton has a higher grade when the fibre is longer.

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